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Golden Grow 48-Site Aeroponic Cloning System Review

I am a gardener and I have a long experience growing my own little gardens. During this time, there have been instances where I had to clone plants. At first I was doing this task manually but the result was not satisfactory. So I tried many products to clone different plants but I needed a more effective product to clone more efficiently. Research led me to the Golden Grow® 48-Site Aeroponic Cloning System and I have been pleased ever since.

The Golden Grow® 48-Site Aeroponic Cloning System is about 100% effective cloning system. I am getting very goods result which makes me more pleased. The Golden Grow Aeroponic Cloning System has a simple yet intricate design; its shape is also excellent. The quality of this product is great, and the customer service of the company itself is excellent and the functionality of the product is superb.



It is quite easy to get the The Golden Grow® 48-Site Aeroponic Cloning System up and running. Here are the 3 simple steps:

  1. Just take a cutting of your favorite plant and place the stems into the neoprene inserts.
  2. Then place the neoprene inserts into the lid of the Aeroponic Cloning System.
  3. Finally fill the reservoir with clean water and plug it in.

Just wait two weeks, change the water twice and you soon you’ll start seeing great results. You will be nothing but amazed with the success of this cloning product.

When I first used the Aeroponic Cloning System I thought that this product also won’t work like others and I was very doubtful but I was quickly proven wrong. This product is fantastic, gives great results frequently, and most of all, it is very affordable. If you have an indoor garden and ever need to clone your plants, then you should definitely get the Golden Grow Aeroponic Cloning System. You won’t regret it.