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Hydrofarm MGSYS Hydroponic Megagarden System Review

The Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden System is a fully featured plant growth package that comes with everything from trays, pump, pots, red clay pellet medium, timer to the very instructions on how to use to system.

Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden System includes 7.5 gallon reservoir which ensures that each plant is properly watered.  The system comes with 15 plastic grow pots. It also includes fired-clay and a water level indicator. Its submersible pump and timer create automatic flood. The product has also drain for irrigation and features seed starter cubes, nutrients and a pH test kit. It has an illustrated instruction which can be the bible of success for new farmers. It is an ebb and flow set up so it is an easy way to introduce yourself into hydrofarming without any major obstacles. You just have to determine your watering cycle and change your water every week and keep it full and you will have excellent results. You must keep it clean to get the best results, as the pump will last much longer if you keep clear it as much as possible. The Hydrofarm Hydroponic Megagarden System is perfect for a complete harvest.

Overall, I am very comfortable with the Hydroponic Megagarden System. I have several and all are functioning well. I am getting a full harvest by using the system. You can get yours on sale right now through Amazon.com with free shipping.