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Hydrofarm MT10009 48×20″ 107W Seedling Heat Mat Hydroponics Review

Making the right decisions is the key of success in Hydro farming. I believe that be truth because it seems to me that I have made the right decisions. In the last year my indoor garden was suffering from improper germination. I was in  great tension. I was doing many things but everything was going in vain. Then I took suggestion from one of my relatives to buy a heating mat and I did it. I bought the Hydro farm MT10009 48×20″ 107W Seedling Heat Mat. Amazingly I saw that the mat is working properly and the germination process is running fast with near 100% growth. Then I became happy and I was feeling that I need more mats. Yes, I have bought another Seedling Heat Mat today. I believe this new mat will also be working like the earlier one.



I would like to recommend you all who are involved with Hydro farming to buy this heating mat and just get start on plantings and speed germination with this excellent heating mat. This mat provides a balanced heat distribution with its intricate pattern of fine wire throughout its waterproof and fray-proof material. Two hydro farm seeding heat mats is ideal for 4 flats. The mat Warms root area 10-20°F over ambient temperature for improving germination and to increases success of seedlings and cuttings. There is information of watering, light and planting on the mat itself which help you nicely. The mat also provides 107 Watts and 120 Volts and this is the only UL listed seedling heat mats on the market. Its waterproof construction means optimal safety from electrical shock.

Most seeds tend to prefer warm soil for optimum germination. So if you want a great success in hydro farming then you should definitely get the Hydrofarm MT10009 48×20″ 107W Seedling Heat Mat over at Amazon.com with free shipping.