1000W Digital Ballast for MH or HPS Grow Lights – 120/240V Phantom PHB2010

Brand: Phantom
– MPN (Part No.): PHB2010
– Dimmable: Yes


The Phantom II Digital Ballast takes the reliability and engineering superiority of the unique Phantom ballast and adds industry leading Smart Alert Technology, setting a new usual for excellence and functionality.

The Phantom II is TOTALLY silent, energy efficient, reliable, and lightweight.

Smart Alert Technology utilizes a 32MHz fully integrated microprocessor to keep your setup running smoothly.

The Phantom has built-in hot re-strike programming to give protection to the lamp and ballast within the event of the ballast turning off rapidly. The ballast is not going to try to restart a hot lamp for no less than 15 minutes.

Phantom II features
•Smart Alert Technology
•High-precision microprocessor keep watch over
•High efficiency
•Ignition voltage keep watch over
•Four way dimming feature 60%, 75%, one hundred% and Super
•Intelligent lamp ignition and power keep watch over
•LED indicators
•Intelligent lamp detection
•End of life lamp protection and indication
•Current sense intelligent startup
•Precision thermal controls
•FCC certified for minimal electrical interference
Brand: Phantom
– MPN (Part No.): PHB2010
– Dimmable: Yes
– Bulb Type: High Pressure Sodium/Metal Halide
– Wattage: 1000 Watt