PLAGRON Green Sensation – 1L


Green Sensation

Stimulates flowering for the highest yield and best taste

Boost your yields with proprietary organic phosphorus and potassium compounds found only in Green Sensation by Plagron. The simplicity of Green Sensation allows growers to achieve the advantages of (3) a very powerful plant nutrition products combined into one bottle! This proprietary booster combines a bloom stimulator to increase flowering productivity and quality, a PK 13-14 to make sure dense cell structure, and an exclusive enzyme recipe to assist in overall plant health.

Green Sensation was developed especially for the final 4 to 6 weeks of the flowering phase to guarantee a prime quality yield. The well-balanced composition of Green Sensation delivers all the nutrients the plant needs to produce delicious and bountiful harvests. Green Sensation increases yields, improves flavor and aromas through greater sugar formation, and can be utilized with all substrates and fertilizers.

Expect drastic reductions in the usage of your base nutrients and other additives by as much as 50%! Test some yourself and sign up for a growing nation experiencing the advantages of Green Sensation!


Why use Green Sensation

* Increases yield
* Improves flavor by high sugar formation
* Prevents diseases
* Reduces plant stress
* Use on all substrates
* Suitable for all watering systems


How to use Green Sensation

Shake well before use. Add to water first before any other nutrients at a rate of 4 ML per GAL of water. All the time measure pH/EC/PPM values once ALL other nutrients and additives are mixed.

Tip: Green Sensation will help bring sick, deficient and diseased plants back to life! Green Sensation has also been known to replace multiple products all the way through the blooming, fruiting and flowering stages.